This Policy sets out our guidance and expectations when a customer does not attend or cancels a booked appointment at short notice.


Booked Appointment is an agreed and confirmed non-medical help support session, installation/familiarisation, on-site support, or other location support, delivery or training session arranged in advance and confirmed by email, text or letter. This Booked Appointment may be undertaken by Amano or by a representative or agent of Amano and is at an agreed time, date, and location.

Did Not Attend is when a customer fails to attend a Booked Appointment.

Short Notice Cancellation – is where a customer fails to cancel a Booked Appointment in a timely manner (within 24hrs of a Booked Appointment time and date, providing that 24hrs is available in advance).

Please note specific details for DSA cancellations below.

Amano is Amano Technologies, Amano Connect or Amano Student Support personnel, or an Amano Technologies representative.


Amano will endeavour to always provide an accurate and timely support, delivery, installation and/or training service to meet with our customer’s timetable and schedule.

  • Amano will confirm the Booked Appointment by email and a reminder will be sent to the customer by text.

  • Amano will notify the customer of the cancellation policy at the time of the booking confirmation or at the first session.

  • Amano will take the following actions at the agreed time, date and place, if it appears the customer Did Not Attend.

    1. Repeat knock (3 times) if attending a customer residence.
    2. Telephone customer’s mobile number.
    3. Telephone alternative number if available.
    4. Check Address with Amano Head Office.
    5. Check with neighbour if available and appropriate.
    6. Put a calling-card or some notification through the letterbox if possible.

  • If the customer Did Not Attend or gave a Short Notice Cancellation then Amano reserve the right to claim for reasonable expenses (reasonable expenses may be an amount up to, or the full amount for the appointment or session) from the customer or the customers representative (e.g. funding body or employer).

DSA cancellations

  1. For customers receiving Disabled Students Allowance, this is accordance with guidance from Student Finance England (November 2015); The 2015/16 DSAs guidance contained further information about this, clarifying that sessions cancelled by the HEI would be deemed to be the responsibility of the HEI and that sessions cancelled with more than 24 hours’ notice are not expected to be charged to DSAs.

  2. If an AT Training session is missed/cancelled then SFE have agreed to allow the session to be re-booked and taken without notification (March 2015).

  3. Amano will make available information on Did Not Attend or Short Notice Cancellations to DSA stakeholders through the Amano Portal in line with the QAF 14/15 v5.1.

  4. The Student Loans Council guidance on missed sessions is here: allowances/dsas-updates-for-practitioners.aspx

NOTE TO CUSTOMER: Amano understand that sometimes a Did Not Attend or a Short Notice Cancellation is unavoidable, perhaps due to illness, and so we reserve the right to claim payment depending on the circumstances and evidence provided.

Policy Reviewed By: Graham Coiley
Policy Review Date: April 2018

Download this policy as a PDF here.